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The image above is a small snippet from the Allyourprey website. The website is flash based and uses a very simple style and layout but is very original in its design. I think the animations are very clever in the way you shift and scroll through the various images on the site.


In the picture

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HOLGER POOTEN is one of the most wanted photographers in recent times by advanced magazines such as Neo 2, Alert and Galore. He was born in Gelderm, Germany on 1974 and studied photography in the University of Aplied Sciences of Bielfeld. On 1998 he obtained the second place on the Agfa Talents Awards and start working as a freelance photographer in Hamburg. On 2001 Pooten won the Hasselblad Sponsorship and on 2003 moves to London. Pooten produce fantasy and shocking images for magazines and brands such as: Odlo, Adidas, Galore, Neo 2, alert, Orange & Viva.

Si Scott

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Si Scott - Casio Advertisement

Si Scott studied Graphics at Buckinghamshire Chilterns Uni. He is now a full time artist who works by hand with pen & ink to create his unique pieces. The combination of his love of drawing and typography is the basis of most of his work but more recently commissions from Angelika Buettner Photography have seen Scott apply his unique illustration style to other projects.

The past year has been a busy one! He finally went full time as an artist in April and has also produced work for a wide selection of commercial clients including BBC, Orange, BBH, Casio, New Balance, & New York Times. He exhibits regularly and has a solo exhibition coming in late 2006. He has also featured in Eye, Grafik, Contagious, Computer Arts and 1000 Type Treatments in the past six months. Si’s ambition is to work on private commissions and bring his original work to as many people as possible.

The video above is the introduction to the BBC show The Secret of Drawing. The video shows Si Scott’s unique style of drawing using developed flowing patterns spawning from typography. I really like this style of typography, it has a real elegant form but the high contrast pen on white paper lets it retain a modern look.


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Magazine Design

I thought a good starting place and a way of finding out what makes a good blog was to check out some existing ones. I just did a simple google search on (Graphic Design Blog). i found a lot of them weren’t really like the blog i set out to make, they contained designers work and developments of their design and not inspiration.

I then came across Strangersoul’s Blog. This blog was a group of influences that a graphic designer had grouped together. When looking through this a certain article caught my eye, this was a magazine layout much like ones we had to design for the G3 project brief.The layout shows a good balance and between the photo and the text. The image in the layout is a 3-year exposure shot of the New York Museum of Modern Art being built, taken by Michael Wesely. The layout and typography design is that of Si Scott.