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Posted in Architecture, Artist, Magazines, Photography on 4 October, 2007 by nagorski

Magazine Design

I thought a good starting place and a way of finding out what makes a good blog was to check out some existing ones. I just did a simple google search on (Graphic Design Blog). i found a lot of them weren’t really like the blog i set out to make, they contained designers work and developments of their design and not inspiration.

I then came across Strangersoul’s Blog. This blog was a group of influences that a graphic designer had grouped together. When looking through this a certain article caught my eye, this was a magazine layout much like ones we had to design for the G3 project brief.The layout shows a good balance and between the photo and the text. The image in the layout is a 3-year exposure shot of the New York Museum of Modern Art being built, taken by Michael Wesely. The layout and typography design is that of Si Scott.